Hole - Live Through This
Released - April 12, 1994

Live Through This is the second studio album by American alternative rock band Hole. It was released by Geffen Records on April 12, 1994, just four days after frontwoman Courtney Love’s husband, Kurt Cobain, was found dead in their home. It was Hole’s only album to feature bassist Kristen Pfaff before her death in June 1994, and the first to feature Patty Schemel on drums.

Musically and lyrically, the album differed greatly from the band’s debut, Pretty on the Inside (1991), transitioning from punk and noise rock to a more accessible rock sound, focusing more on melody and dynamics and utilizing less of the distortion and experimental touches that dominated their previous record. Lyrically, the album heavily reflected Love’s life at the time, her transition into public notoriety, and her role as a wife and mother, as well as articulating a “third-wave feminist consciousness”.

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Imagine Bucky becoming a really big Star Wars fan and Steve becoming a really big Star Trek fan and them arguing over which is better.


steve rogers is passionate about a lot of things, and star trek is definitely on that list.

"it’s all about how humanity has to mature and accepts its differences and learn to love each other before it can move forward and it’s so important, like that is so important, bucky, not to mention that it was so progressive for the time, did i tell you that nichelle nichols -“

"yes, steve, you’ve told me. at least twice."

"you should hear it again. it’s still important!’

it’s not so much an argument as steve waxing poetic about star trek to anyone who will listen for long enough.

"come on, bucky, it’s great. you’ll like it. will you watch it with me?"

and that is how bucky ends up watching every single episode of star trek ever aired - and every movie ever produced. in order.

steve rogers is lucky that bucky is nearly incapable of saying no to him.

(he eventually admits that he likes it, but maintains that star wars is better).

This part of the scene was my absolute favorite, because he didn’t only connected with Henry and understood where he was coming from, he stood by Emma’s side too. He could have kept quiet, not comment anything on why Emma is keeping things from him, but he didn’t. He respected her authority and stood behind her on her parenting choice. And this is so relevant and beautiful, not only for Captain Swan but for Captain Cobra as well: he is being a true father figure here, while also respecting the woman he loves and her choices, agency and authority as a mother. I just loved this.

This was one of Steve’s biggest sources of guilt, the fact that out of his whole crew of Howling Commandos were these guys that he convinced to come into battle with him. It’s the one guy that didn’t make it back, and that was the one guy that was always there for him.


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Imagine Bucky having issues with the metal arm, and Tony having to disconnect it from his shoulder to do extensive repair to it, making him an amputee for at least a week. He uses this as an excuse to get Steve to do everything for him, and Steve knows he’s being played but he does it anyway because Bucky deserves the satisfaction of ordering Captain America around the tower.

Steve’s happy to make bucky coffee and cook for him, get him books, turn up the heat since it’s been snowing outside lately, anything. he’s glad he can help bucky out, especially since usually he won’t accept help with anything, even two-man jobs, so it’s kind of nice to have a chance to even the score for a little, even if bucky is very clearly milking it. 

One night while they’re lying on the couch watching tv, or rather, steve’s sitting with bucky’s feet in his lap, bucky starts kicking weakly at steve’s arm. 


"Yes, bucky? something i can help with?" 

"change the channel," bucky whines. Steve looks over- the remote is less than six inches away from bucky’s right hand. he raises an eyebrow. 

"Fine. but if i get the remote I get to pick what we watch. and I wanna watch a christmas movie," steve says. bucky sighs dramatically, but doesn’t move, and steve takes that as acceptance. steve slips out from under bucky’s feet, and goes to make popcorn and hot chocolate (with some vodka in bucky’s, just how he likes it) and puts on White Christmas. 

the third time Danny Kaye’s character makes puppy eyes and clutches his ‘injured’ arm to guilt bing crosby into going along with his crazy ideas, bucky gets it.

he laughs so hard that he falls off the couch 



Anyone up for a game of tag?


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So since we both think Ariel saved Blackbeard in the water, when do you think he'll show up in Storybrooke? Becuase I don't think they got Charles Mansure to do a two minute cameo and die; he is coming back at some point! He could be the "spy" who told Zelina about how crushed Hook was that he did not help Ariel.




He’s not going to come back… at least I’m pretty sure that was it from him. He was just guest starring for now - he is of no importance to the story tbh.

Honestly? I think the spy is Smee. I really do. They made a point of referring to him as a rat several times.

Out of any spies, the only one that makes sense would be someone close to Killian. Smee has known him for over 300 years - he would know his moods, would know him better than any stranger. He saw what Killian was like when he lost Milah. I would imagine Smee would be able to tell when Killian is heartbroken. We also saw Smee associating the ship with “a woman”. We saw Smee trying to get him to leave Storybrooke, and having to be put down quite forcefully by Killian.

Right now I am FIRMLY convinced lol.

(*cough* Smeetail)